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Getnet is now proud to offer High Speed Windows Virtual Dedicated Servers in addition to our existing Linux-based VPS options. These servers are perfect for those wishing to run Windows-based Foreign Exchange software, as our Windows Virtual Private Servers offer ping times of less than 1 ms to the site Secretnewsweapon.com. (For an example, click here. If you are interested in ordering a Windows Virtual Private Server, you can now do so at shop.getnet.net. Your server can be up and running within seconds of the completion of your order.
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  Server Maintenance

Dear Getnet E-mail Customer,

You may have noticed interruptions in your email service in the past few months.  We too have been very concerned.  Some problems occurred as we transitioned our servers to Dallas.  Most of the  problems have been caused by spammers and hackers.  We are now moving to minimize future problems in the email.  Those customers that have web hosting with us, have or will have, their email on their own web server and having full control of those services.  For the rest we are creating a new routing.

For our Long standing customers ( Getnet, Inficad, Neta, Azonline and more…)who have been with us since the early days we want to preserve your email address that all of your friends and contacts know you by.

The following is for those who only have email accounts with us:

Please complete this task quickly.

First create (if you do not have one ) a Google Gmail account

Second email to me at



your full name and phone number (your active account will be verified)
your GetNet (or other) email address
and the password that you use or want to use.

We will then set up an automatic forward to you new Gmail account – which can be set up to operate as your original GetNet email address.

If you have questions call me Bob Waterworth at 602-264-7000 (phone may be busy due to high traffic) or email me at the above address with your phone number I’ll call you back

We want to thank you for your patience and understanding and years of loyalty to our service.



Bob Waterworth, Jeff Gong

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Getnet now offers Offsite Backup Service

Getnet is proud to announce our new offsite backup service. Take advantage of our low-cost, secure solution which backs up your important data to a server in Getnet's colocation facility.

Using convenient backup software, you can simply select which files you would like to be backed up and a time for the backup to be done. The software is free of charge, easy to set up and works automatically - requiring little or no interaction on your part once it is configured.

Having your important files stored safely in and offsite location gives you peace of mind knowing that if your computer crashes, your files will still be available to you. To sign up, simply click HERE.
Basic VPS - from $9.95
  • Full root Access in your own Unix Environment
  • 64 Bit Fedora Core O/S
  • Cost effective and easy.
FOREX VPS - $199.95
  • Designed specifically for SNW trading
  • Low Pings to SNW Servers
  • Instant Setup
Basic Hosting - $6.95
  • 200MB Disk Space
  • 20GB Transfer/Mon
  • 20 Email Accounts
  • Linux Server w/Plesk
  • PHP, Java, Perl
Deluxe Hosting - $9.95
  • 500MB Disk Space
  • 40GB Transfer/Mon
  • 50 Email Accounts
  • Linux Server w/Plesk
  • PHP, Java, Perl
Corp. Hosting - $17.95
  • 500MB Disk Space
  • 50GB Transfer/Mon
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • Linux Server w/Plesk
  • PHP, Java, Perl

Domains from $14.95
  • Immediate registration through Tucows
  • One Year Registration
  • Automatic Renewal
cPanel Special
GetNet is happy to announce a new special available for current GetNet webhosting customers. If you are interested in taking more control over your webhosting account, you can now make use of the CPanel client control panel. This easy to use interface allows you the ability to do everything from set up email addresses to edit DNS entries all from a secure webpage-based environment. This package is being offered for no additional charge to any current GetNet hosting client. If you are interested in signing up, please contact us at 602-264-7000 so we can arrange to move your site to the CPanel server. ?>